The ONLY network planning software that solves for X!

NOCProject XS

Ready-to-use, up-to-date demand database of your defined demand area including towers, homes, businesses and anchor institutions, down to the building level.


Planners quickly and interactively plan, compare and evaluate multiple FTTX network configurations for the defined service area, solving for “X” to identify the best locations for active or passive network nodes

With NOCProject, you receive a complete, up-to-date database of your specified demand area--ready to start planning. Data includes homes, businesses, anchor institutions and towers.
Coming soon: Google Earth views.

WORKs with any engineering platform

PLANs for FTTH, FTTN, FTTB in any combination

INTEGRATEs GIS and demand data seamlessly

GENERATEs all maps, plans, reports, costs and forecasts